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ChEECo (Chicano Empowerment and Enrichment Coalition)

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Chicano Support Services

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to live the life that they choose. However, a lack of programs for specific demographics can result in underserved populations that are left behind. At ChEECo, we're ready to assist the Chicano community in any way we can to ensure they have their chance at success and fulfillment. Our Chicano support services in Tacoma, WA, are available to all groups, including:

  • The Elderly
  • Single Parents
  • The Homeless
  • Battered Women
  • At-Risk Youth

  • Employment

    We're here to empower local Chicano individuals to learn the skills they need to secure higher-paying jobs. Our Chicano employment services include:

    • Job Training
    • Referrals
    • Apprenticeship Programs
    • Job Placement Assistance
    • Resume Writing
    • Mock Interviews
    • GED Training



    Education has the power to open doors that may not otherwise be accessible to the people we support. Depend on us for assistance enrolling in a wide range of educational opportunities, including:

    • GED Training
    • Cultural Courses
    • Financial Planning Courses
    • Computer Classes
    • Physics Classes
    • Spanish Second Language Classes
    Young Adults Training


    Throughout the Chicano community, many issues must be addressed in order to move forward as a healthy and happy population. We understand that everyone's circumstances are different, which is why we offer a wide range of counseling services to support Chicanos regardless of what they're facing.

    Mental Health & Anger Management
    There are many people in our community that struggle with mental health and anger management. Count on us to listen compassionately and guide you on your personal journey to happiness.

    Drugs, Alcohol, & Addiction
    It can be hard to escape the cycle of addiction, but there is always hope. ChEECo works diligently every day to support the men and women struggling with the all-encompassing problem of alcohol and drug addiction. We also recommend and contract out other agencies to help individuals break free from their addiction.

    Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence must never be ignored. We're here to help families that are dealing with domestic violence in any capacity.

    Legal Matters
    When it comes to the law, it's important not to take any chances. Rely on us for support when you're facing juvenile or adult incarceration issues, parole, or probation. Additionally, we partner with an attorney for professional advice and counsel when it comes to legal issues.

    Marker and Color Pencil Artwork

    Art Title: Looking Forward

    Media: Marker and Color Pencil

    Artist: Maria F. Garcia Cueva

    8th Grade Covington Middle School
    Evergreen School District - Teacher: Margaret Hunter

    Born in Peru, my family moved to America when I was just a baby because my mother and family wanted to get an education. I lived in Lake Oswego OR and moved to Vancouver last year. I wanted to create an art work that expressed how important it is to be beautiful inside and care about your mind and who you are, not just what you look like. I learned about the difference between equity and equality when I was working on this art and wanted to show equity by stacking pillows to symbolize each girl could be raised to an equal level of opportunity.

    I am looking forward to college and thinking about a career in the medical field, like a surgeon. I want to take advantage of my opportunities and have a happy family and work in a job that I love for my future. I wanted to show an intelligent Latino woman with dreams in the future in my art.

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